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September 23rd 2008

If you are addicted to Gun-Tactyx, you should consider to keep in touch with MekaWars, a similar programming-game, the development of which is described day by day on my APOCALYX Blog.

Recently an almost playable demo was released, but it is only a very early preview, with a primitive 2D viewer and no user friendly interface.

MekaWars tries to simplify the playability of Gun-Tactyx and extends the modularity of the units, but also keeps the concept very near to the JRobots design.

The main difference between Gun-Tactyx and MekaWars is the use of a different programming language: SMALL in Gun-Tactyx and Lua in MekaWars. The advantage to use Lua is in its interpreter: it does not need a compilation phase and the syntax of the language itself is simpler for beginners. The use of the Lua interpreter keeps the advantages of the SMALL interpreter (full control on memory allocation, step by step execution of bytecode instructions, simulations completely reproducible), but simplifies the development phase.

Stay tuned for more news about MekaWars on the APOCALYX Blog.


Recent News

GUN-TACTYX (gun-tactics) is a programming game based on the concept of the 1985 Tom Poindexter's CROBOTS. Some teams of warriors fight in an arena, firing bullets and grenades and avoiding enemies' projectiles. At the end only one team will survive! This game is involving but not interactive (even if an interactive mode is available): You must develop the AI algorithms of your own team of bots with a simple C-like scripting language, then you can upload it to the online repository to challenge bots written by other players.

Does this game really work?
It's simpler to see than believe, so download it and play!
How can you play this game?
It's simpler to do than explain, so download it and play!
You'll definitely love this game! Why?
For an answer read the interviews with the players.

GUN-TACTYX: Now it's your play!

The story so far...

May 3rd 2006

Arena The full sources of GUN-TACTYX are available for download!

The sources can now be fully recompiled under the Code::Blocks IDE with the Free Borland C++ Command Line Compiler 5.5.1 installed. The users interested in modifying and recompiling the game can now forget the difficult procedures needed by the command line compiler because the entire process is accomplished by a very easy to use IDE.
Both the tools are completely free! To know more about Code::Blocks visit You should download the version without the default compiler installed, then you must download the Free Borland C++ Command Line Compiler 5.5.1 from Borland at
You can find information on how to get the free Borland compiler and install it from the Code::Blocks site itself, but feel free to ask for help if anything does not work.
The sources are available at the bottom of the Downloads page of the APOCALYX 3D Engine Site.

December 11th 2005

Arena A renewed interest of some players in the Soccer Mode made me develop a new team devoted to this particular category. It's name is RobyBaggio and togheter with Zidane_2x2, by mig, gives better opportunity to test your own teams against a more effective soccer players than the basic ones. You can find these teams in the repository.
During the development of the team, some problems with the Soccer Mode were found, so you' d better to download GUN-TACTYX-exe-1.1.5 from the Downloads page.
Soccer Mode is very amusing so I hope to see more soccer teams in the repository so it'll be possible to play a soccer tournament too!

November 20th 2005

Arena Thanks to Iceman, the author of scratter, another tournament was played even this week. The results of scratter are not so good, probably because the competition in the arena is very hard and the weaker teams are not so weak as it seems.
Anyway we have a further occasion to compare the results of the best bots to find another confirm of their relative strongness. The results are compatible with those acquired in the past week tournament; only the weaker teams changed their relative positions because of a different number of victories they achieved. However the number of the matches left for other winners by Krobot, ewm_2_43 and roger is not significative to trust the results of the last positions.
To show some interesting comparison, I played 100 matches 2x8 between Krobot and ewm_2_43. To make the two teams start in opposite positions, I added two null teams in opposite corners. Null teams are real sitting ducks: They do nothing except being shot. After warming their weapons against null teams, the two strongest teams in the arena faced each other moving around the buildings at the center on the plaza and the results are the following: ewm_2_43 wins against Krobot 80-20, so only one fifth of victories is left to Krobot by ewm_2_43. The percentage of survivors is 35.8%-5.38% (largely favourable to ewm_2_43) and the kills are 63.6%-53.2% (more comparable).
I think that Kr0meel, the author of Krobot, has to work very hard to achieve again the GUN-TACTYX Master and cancel the fate: "tragically, a warrior's prime fades quickly".

November 13th 2005

Arena Another week has passed and emw_2_43 counterstriked the last attack of Krobot. The strongness of ewm_2_43 as a team and the effectiveness of mig as a programmer are now absolutely clear, in fact Krobot is back to the second place, while ewm_2_43 is again the GUN-TACTYX Master.
To speed up the tournament and increase the number of matches played among the same teams in different conditions (4 matches), the challenge was opened to the best 8 teams of the last championship. Now it is more clear also that only the first three, ewm_2_43, Krobot and roger, share the majority of victories, while the others struggle to win the few matches left.
Kr0meel, the author of Krobot, takes a pause of reflection to discover the new weaknesses of ewm_2_43. Let's see if a week is enough for him to find a solution, anyway it seems that even a week can confirm the sentence: "tragically, a warrior's prime fades quickly".

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